Jan 31, 2023

Back To The Future

"Read Herring" is reverting to New South Books. SMART MOVE!



(edited) By popular demand, Read Herring will formally change its name back to The NewSouth Bookstore effective March 1, 2023...we’re changing out our signage, telephone voice message, business cards and website as well.
Also: A store expansion will nearly double the square footage of browsing and display space. There will be more books, new and used, in the nonfiction and literary fiction sections, a richer children’s section, and a few shelves devoted to the horror genre curated by our very own Mike Breen, who just happens to be a huge and knowledgeable fan of that literature. They'll also be  expanding the American history, Southern history, and local history sections.

The staff is in pricing and organizing mode right now — a big (and tedious) undertaking. And there are riches among the new and used books going into the expanded store, which keep us excited about our work.

HERE's how they announced the original change in 2017:

Plans for re-launching the NewSouth Bookstore are well underway with the creation of a new logo featuring Harry, a big, red fish. In just three weeks, our store will be called the Read Herring. The change is all part of a strategy to strengthen the identity of the bookstore and to make it more of a community hub, with more new and used books to browse (lots more) and more author talks and other fun events to enjoy. Don’t be a stranger!

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