Jan 19, 2023

Redemption EARNED


      Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb has launched a program called "Redemption Earned" to help prisoners worthy of parole or work release.

     Surely it is in the best interest of Alabama and Alabamians to free these people, no? 

     Cobb says:

“People who are capable of committing horrible crimes are also capable of being redeemed. After they have spent multiple decades in prison working on their redemption, they deserve a meaningful opportunity to earn their freedom.”

Watch this video!

* The photo is from 2011, on her last day as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, one of two statewide Democratic officials.

Now there are none.

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  1. Tim, thank you so much for spreading the word about www.redemptionearned.org .Our primary focus are incarcerated adults who are 65 or older and have spent at least 25 years behind bars. Alabama has 2200 people over 60 who are in its prisons. Many of them, due to age and ill health, are no longer a threat to public safety and have decades free of disciplinaries or violations of prison rules. “Locking someone up and throwing away the key” is a waste of tax dollars and terrible public policy. Help us help “the least of these”.