Feb 26, 2023

The final print editions of the formerly largest daily newspapers in Alabama are "on the stands" tomorrow.

 Here's the "headline" for the "story" on the shared website of the three papers.

See pages from final editions of Birmingham News, Huntsville Times and Mobile Press-Register.

One missing word in the headline and the "story": Montgomery.

      It's only the capital city, home to the legislature and all of the statewide elected officials. You would think they would have made a token mention of the city, but it seems they have thrown those of us who live here under the bus.

     Of course we still have The Montgomery Advertiser, the largest daily paper in the state, and the broadcast media...including CBS 8 and ABC 32, my former broadcast home.

Remember these? Also going going gone,
My generation will probably miss the actual printed papers most, and we'll be gone before long. So being under the bus will keep us out of sight for them.

The Advertiser building, though mostly empty.

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