Mar 21, 2023

An Abraham Lincoln Quote is to be changed.


    The quote leaves out millions of women and their families...though it was accurate when Lincoln said it n March 4, 1865 during his second inaugural  address. 

     It is now unfair.

The previous VA Director would have none of it:

"I'm not arrogant enough to say I want to change Abraham Lincoln's words," Robert Wilkie told the House Veterans Affairs Committee during a hearing.

The sign with the  Department of Veterans Affairs motto is seen in Washington, D.C. 

     Nonetheless, the VA is finally going to change it to reflect all members of service and their families.

     The website says the change official announcement will be later this week:

(VA Secretary Denis)  "McDonough is expected to officially unveil the new motto at 1 p.m.  (Central) Thursday at the Military Women's Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. It will be livestreamed.

Veterans, veteran survivors and caregivers are expected to speak at the event, including Army veteran Mary Tobin, a West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran."


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