Mar 19, 2023

Another New Yorker who Came...and stayed.

A view from my NYC Hood.


The Huffington Post has posted a column by a women from New York who now lives in Alabama.

She's been here for several years.

I got here first...several decades ahead of her arrival. But the column echoes some of the same experiences that have kept me here all of these years, after I left NYC in 1976.

"Almost no one I knew had ever visited Alabama, and most seemed to think that the state was populated by illiterate Trump supporters who didn’t wear shoes. The grace that well-meaning liberals offered the Midwest did not extend to a state whose reputation had been solidified during the civil rights movement. Most people I spoke with still associated Alabama with Gov. George Wallace’s proclamation of “segregation forever” and Bull Connor’s assault on peaceful protesters with dogs and fire hoses."


Read Ellen Gomory's full column HERE.

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