Mar 5, 2023

Heat Relief? In Montgomery Someday?


     Many of the buildings that are home to Alabama State agencies are painted white...and people taking Capitol tours frequently ask me why that's the case. I suggest it is to reflect the heat and reduce air conditioning costs in the hot Southern Summers.

     Now there's newly developed white paint that could reflect even more of the heat. The 2021 story comes from Smithsonian Magazine:

"Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new ultra-white paint that reflects 98.1 percent of sunlight and can keep surfaces up to 19 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than their ambient surroundings. This new paint, which may become available for purchase in the next year or two [this article was written in 2021], could someday help combat global warming and reduce our reliance on air conditioners." 

Easy to spot where the new painting is!





 A contractor has been repainting the Gordon Person's building downtown (left), and I can only imagine how many thousands of gallons of white paint they're using! I hope some state official is monitoring this white paint development!

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