Mar 16, 2023

Some Alabama National Guard Units Are Losing Their Confederate flags

 From a story at

Transfer of authority ceremony at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti.

"At least 48 units from mostly southern National Guard units have been directed to remove Confederate battle streamers from their units' guidons, which serve as ceremonial flags often held by a soldier in a formation. Streamers hang on top of a unit's flag and are awarded for participating in wars or specific battles ranging from the colonial era to the Global War on Terrorism. In total, there are 491 streamers set to be removed.

Here are the units that are being directed to remove Confederate battle streamers:

Alabama Army National Guard: 44 streamers from 4 units.

  1. HHD, 31st Chemical Brigade (Tuscaloosa, AL): 10.
  2. HHD, 161st Medical Battalion (Mobile, AL): 11.
  3. 167th Infantry Regiment (Talladega, AL): 13.
  4. 711th Support Battalion (Mobile, AL): 10"

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