Mar 13, 2023

Were 7th !!!!!!!

 ...poorest State in America, that is.

Here's the story with the rundown from the A-Z Animals website (Yea...what does that have to do with poverty?) listing the ten poorest states in the U.S. Two of the top ten have borders with Alabama.

And speaking of borders...which states have the longest coastlines?

States with Longest Coastlines

RankStateBodies of WaterMiles—General Coastline
1. Alaska Pacific/Arctic 6,640
2. Florida Atlantic/Gulf 1,350
3. California Pacific 840
4. Hawaii Pacific 750
5. Louisiana Gulf 397
6. Texas Gulf 367
7. North Carolina Atlantic 301
8. Oregon Pacific 296
9. Maine Atlantic 228
10. Massachusetts Atlantic 192
Source: Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service.

 Yet another website shows Alabama having 607 miles of coastline...which would rank us 5th in the above list. Hmmmm.

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