May 16, 2023

Security Eyes in Eufaula

The Washington Post reports some public housing agencies across the country are using federal grants to buy cameras with facial recognition capabilities to monitor residents of Public Housing...and using the results in some cases to evict residents.

One of the grants went to an East Alabama agency, though there is no information regarding the use of cameras or other equipment to assist in evictions there.

Housing Authority of
the City of Eufaula Eufaula $ 248,908
HUD is awarding FY22 Emergency Safety and Security grant funding of
$248,908 to the Housing Authority of the City of Eufaula (AL118). The
total grant amount is $248,908 for the purchase of surveillance cameras,
doors and license plate readers at Chattahoochee Courts development
HA wide to improve the health and safety of residents.

Eufaula Public Housing Agency is HERE

Chattahoochee Courts.png


From The Washington Post story:

"In public housing facilities across America, local officials are installing a new generation of powerful and pervasive surveillance systems, imposing an outsize level of scrutiny on some of the nation’s poorest citizens. Housing agencies have been purchasing the tools — some equipped with facial recognition and other artificial intelligence capabilities — with no guidance or limits on their use, though the risks are poorly understood and little evidence exists that they make communities safer."

HERE is the full story.

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