Jun 4, 2023

Another Confederate State Holiday

 Traffic in Montgomery will be a little less tomorrow (Monday)....state workers will be off because it is Jefferson Davis' Birthday.



Davis was elected Confederate President inside the Alabama Capitol Building, and sworn in at the top of the front steps. The spot is marked by a star.

Montgomery was capitol of the confederacy for only three months. It was then moved to Richmond.

There are several confederate holidays in Alabama:

Robert E. Lee's Birthday - Celebrated on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Confederate Memorial Day - Celebrated on the fourth Monday in April

Jefferson Davis' Birthday - Celebrated on the first Monday in June.

A bill was introduced in 2019 by State Rep. John Rogers to attempt to separate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Robert E. Lee’s Birthday. It failed to pass. Sign this petition to help end the combined holiday in Alabama in Mississippi.

*2021 Update: These holidays are still officially included in the State's Calendar. Contact state legislators to remove all confederate holidays from Alabama's Calendar.


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