Sep 10, 2023

Another LCS is decommissioned

USS Montgomery


With the USS Montgomery (LCS8) awaiting it's own fate, another of the U.S. Nvy ships in her class has been decommissioned.

The website for "Task & Purpose" reports the USS Milwaukee was decommissioned yesterday.

"The littoral combat ship program was supposed to give the Navy fast and powerful ships that could operate near shores, taking on coastal targets as well as submarines. Instead, the program grew in cost, as the Navy and the U.S. military as a whole began shifting its strategy and doctrine toward peer-to-peer combat, around the Pacific Ocean. The Navy pushed to phase out the ships, with the budget for the 2023 fiscal year calling to decommission nine of the Freedom-class LCS vessels. The ships have been given the nickname in some circles as “little crappy ships.”


The U.S.S. Montgomery is also on the list to be decommissioned and sold to some other navy.

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