Sep 16, 2023

Tuberville Impact


 From an AP story:

 “We’re on the fringe of losing a generation of champions,” Air Force Gen. Mark Kelly, the head Air Combat Command, told reporters this week at a defense conference in Maryland. Kelly said he’s talking to his junior officers, many with families, and they are “people who will take a bullet for the nation, the Constitution.” But when it comes to dragging their family through this, “there’s a red line.”

“The situation is not instilling confidence in our allies, and it is instilling confidence in our adversaries,” Kelly said. In the nation’s capital, “that popping sound you hear is not stray gunfire. It’s champagne corks in the Chinese Embassy bouncing off the walls.”


At some point those voters who selected the former coach as one of Alabama's two U.S. Senators, a man who has zero military experience, will have to accept responsibility for this mess. 

Raise you hands please.

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