Nov 22, 2023

Washington Post story

 The story quotes from the writing of a gunman who killed five and injured eight others in a Louisville bank:

“OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EASY. Seriously, I knew it would be doable but this is ridiculous. Walked in and bought a gun, 4 mags, and 120 rounds for $700. Got some glasses and earplugs,” he wrote April 9. “It is legitimately unfathomable how easy this all was. … There is nothing anyone could have done.”

Now, he said, his “sickness wins.”

“But let us not forget the most important player here. The one who made all this possible. Lets give it up for the NRA!!” he wrote April 9. “I couldn’t have done this without all of your lobbying dollars! You really brought this whole thing together. This is the world you are building. One without any regard for the value of human life.”

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