Dec 7, 2023

125th Anniversary of the Montgomery Confederate Memorial

    Alabama's big confederate memorial on the state capitol building grounds was dedicated 125 years ago today... on December 7th in 1898---. 

   The cornerstone of the 88 foot tall memorial was dedicated by Jefferson Davis on April 29th, 1886.


     The confederate flags surrounding the memorial were removed, without notice, by Governor Robert Bentley, on June 24, 2015.

The brackets that used to hold the confederate flags are still in place.
                                         Just in case?????


   There was once a Confederate flag on top of  the Capitol Building. It was displayed for the first for some time in 1963 by Governor George Wallace, but it was removed by Governor Folsom during a major renovation of the building, on April 30th, 1993...shortly after he became Governor....and it was never returned.

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