Feb 9, 2024

About those Red Tails....

 We quoted the website "www.AirandSpaceForces.com when they reported in Mid December that the "red tails" that are traditional on fighter aircraft that are part of the Alabama Air National Guard's187th Fighter Wing in Montgomery...would NOT be a feature of the 20 F-35 Fighter Jets being stationed in Montgomery. They reported:

"But no one is actually going to paint the F-35 Lightning II tails. The aircraft’s stealthy skin is designed and crafted to minimize the jet’s radar signature, and the highly detailed work to maintain its skin is labor intensive."

 Well, some of the F35's have arrived in Montgomery, and the tails ARE painted red. So there. 😎

Photo: USAF  BTW....an update to that earlier story includes this:

"A 187th Fighter Wing spokesperson told Air & Space Forces Magazine that a single F-35 aircraft was approved to honor the Red Tail tradition." 

"The spokesperson added that if the jet is tasked to deploy, the heritage tail “will return to stock configuration and be fully mission-capable alongside our other fighter jets.”

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