Feb 4, 2024

Stuff I've NEVER watched on TV


I DO watch a lot of TV, yet there is a list of popular shows I have managed to avoid completely. And I am sure some of you will be astounded to find your favorite show on it.

I started the list after reading a story about the final season of.....

 Curb Your Enthusiasm. Never saw a single episode.

I also never watched 

The Sopranos or

The Wire or

Madmen or

Succession or

Game of Thrones or

Fleabag or

The Office or

Arrested Development or

Parks and Recreation or

Band of Brothers or even...

The Simpsons.

There, I've admitted I have never watched shows than may have been on your favorites list!

I DID watch two shows on a BBC list of the100 Greatest TV Series of the 21st Century: Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under. So maybe there's hope for me yet. 😎

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