Mar 24, 2024

Advertiser Drops Associated Press (AP) Tomorrow (UPDATE)


NEW YORK (AP) — The media company Gannett, (owner/Operator of The Montgomery Advertiser) the nation’s largest newspaper chain and publisher of USA Today, said Tuesday it would stop using journalism from The Associated Press later this month, severing a century-old partnership.

The decision “enables us to invest further in our newsrooms,” Gannett spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton said. With more than 200 outlets, the chain represents more newspapers than any other company in AP’s U.S. membership.

A memo from Gannett’s chief content officer Kristin Roberts directed the chain’s editors to stop using stories, videos and images provided by AP on March 25. The memo, obtained by The Associated Press, was first reported by The New York Times.

 UPDATE: Also in Gannet news: Three top executives are leaving.

Chief communications officer Lark-Marie Antón said this should not be viewed as cutting back the news side of the company, Rather, Antón said,

 “Kristin is integrating teams and making strategic decisions to mitigate redundancies.”

I'm guessing they don't want their non-news people to write news style comments?

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