May 30, 2024

From a Gail Collins Column


 "Voting for an independent candidate in a presidential contest does not make you principled. It makes you a citizen who cares more about looking cool and above it all than about taking part in the real democratic process.

The two-party system helps bring the country together, and it’s going to be particularly important this year. Voters need to believe the winner actually won, and that’s tough enough when one of the candidates does not recognize any election as accurate unless he comes out on top." (FULL NY Times COLUMN HERE).

And may I add: The person elected president in November will be either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Period.

If you want to explain away your worthless 3rd party vote on November 6th, go ahead. But please realize you wasted your vote and only helped one of those two win, maybe the least qualified person in history.


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