Jun 8, 2024

Astronaut Dies in Plane Crash

Washington Post report:

William Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut who shot ‘Earthrise,’ dies in plane crash

Anders, part of the first crewed mission to orbit the moon, was 90. His photo of the Earth rising over the lunar surface is one of the most famous ever taken.


In a 2018 interview with the Guardian, Mr. Anders said the image changed him, too. “It really undercut my religious beliefs. The idea that things rotate around the pope and up there is a big supercomputer wondering whether Billy was a good boy yesterday? It doesn’t make any sense.”


This picture, taken by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, is one of the most famous images ever photographed in space. It shows the earth rising against the barren lunar landscape on the first human mission to the moon in 1968.FULL STORY IS HERE.

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