Jun 11, 2024

Britt a No-Show for controvertial vote

 The Washington Post reports nine U.S. Senators failed to vote on a measure in supprt of a right to  contraception, including one of Alabama's.

Alabama's Katie Britt skipped the vote (one of nine GOP not voting)

Alabama's Tuberville voted against it (one of 39 GOP votes in opposition)

The Senate on Wednesday afternoon voted not to advance a bill that would create a federal right to access contraception. The procedural measure, which required 60 votes, failed as all but two Republicans present voted against it.

The legislation would have prevented states from passing laws that limit access to contraception, including hormonal birth control, intrauterine devices and other methods that prevent pregnancy. Democrats introduced the bill, in part, to put Republicans on the record on reproductive rights ahead of November’s elections.

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