Jun 26, 2024

NY Times: Small Town Alabama Mayor Getting into office (finally!)


An Alabama Town’s New Mayor Was Locked Out. 3 Years Later, He Will Return.

Newbern, Ala., had not held elections in 50 years — until Patrick Braxton ran for office. But when Mr. Braxton won, he was blocked from carrying out his duties, he said in a lawsuit.

A man in an aqua colored blazer over a pink button-down shirt. He stands in front of a log cabin looking to the side, and there are trees in the background.
After Patrick Braxton was elected mayor of Newbern, Ala., he was locked out of serving his term, he said in a lawsuit. Over three years later, Mr. Braxton and Newbern agreed to a settlement that would allow him to carry out his duties.Credit...Andi Rice
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Nearly four years after Patrick Braxton won the mayoral election for the small town of Newbern, Ala., in November 2020, he could soon get to serve his first term.


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