Dec 12, 2009

The Future of The GOP... in the Republican Governors and former Governors. So says an article this hour on The Washington Post website.

     As I started reading, my first thought was will they identify Alabama's Bob Riley as a rising star?


     He's not mentioned, although there was talk of him as a Vice Presidential Candiate last year, and certainly McCain/Riley might have done better than McCain/Palin.
     Since he can't run for reelection as Governor, he's kinda at loose ends right now. Will he just retire? Or is he one of the (unnamed) soon-to-be-former GOP Governors who are the future of his party?

[UPDATE: I just remembered that The Washington Times wrote an editorial promoting Mr. Riley as a Presidential editorial written by a graduate of Vestavia High School.]


  1. The Washington Times?


    Anyway, as Riley finishes up his term, more --ahem, "information"-- is coming out of his favoritism, including his no-bid rule that apparently does not apply to himself.

  2. God save the king.

    I'd be hard-pressed so to do.

    Recall the adage about fire and personal water?

    And isn't that a giant sucking sound coming out of the Washington Times?