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Apr 30, 2019


Yes it is true, I am retiring.

     Today is the official date, the 50th Anniversary of my first broadcast (on radio station WBAB in Babylon, Long Island, NY).

      Yes, that is the actual personal on-air log I kept (for less than a month) when I started. If I had not, I would have had to guess the date of the 50th Anniversary. I deserve some sort of an award for keeping track of that paper for half a century!

     I have had a ball!

     In telling people about my retirement I have said I am placing a comma after Today, not a period. And that is my plan. I am in excellent health, and fully expect to continue this 12 year old blog as well as the associated photo blog for some time to come.

     I'm exploring possible "side hustles" as the kids say these days. 

     Media Training is actually a specialty of sorts for me. Do you freak out when you are told you are going be interviewed? Relax. Been there, done that. Let's talk.


Glen Browder said...

Congratulations, Tim, on this great day! I know you're not really retiring--you will keep on keeping on. But that's good because so many of us look forward to your doings. Glen Browder, Jacksonville, AL

tim lennox said...

Thank you Rep. Browder! I will keep has become a larger part of my expression these days..


Gina F. said...

Congratulations. We'll miss you on-air, but look forward to your continued presence here!

Charles Kinnaird said...

Best wishes, Tim. When I came back to Birmingham in 1984, I would often catch your radio program where I heard great local interviews,important information about home gardening, and a continuing community conversation. It seems that every week someone would call in and say, "I'm a long time listener, first time caller." And then, of course there were those regular callers.

I hope this next phase will be a great one for you, and I hope we can continue to keep up with you on the blog.

Wade Kwon said...

Congratulations, Tim! Best of luck in your next chapter.

Unknown said...

Congrats for a fine, fine career. Fifty years. Did you start when you were 5? Haven't lived in Birmingham in a long while, but I can still hear your voice. And no, that's not mental illness. It's your distinctive style. Good luck for what comes next.

Unknown said...

Well hell, I forgot to post my name. I'm Shawn Ryan, not Unknown.

Jay Croft said...

The best part of retirement, for you, is that you no longer have to interview zoo employees bringing snakes into the studio!

Jay Croft

Tim Lennox said...

Thank all of you for your kind comments...spending this first day in retirement.....doing chores......(-: some lawn cutting, running around....and there IS a nap in my schedule for this afternoon too.