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May 15, 2019

Still Reporting

      I explained to someone outside The Statehouse on Tuesday, who looked astonished that I would be there since I retired. I told them I retired from working full-time on TV, not from reporting.
      People who work, maybe the majority of them, dislike or even hate their jobs.
     Generally, I loved every day of my 50 years in Broadcasting...but not necessarily the 9-5 (or 2-11) grind, or the deadline pressure that comes with being in that business. 
     But the storytelling? The Q&A? The pursuit of information? Oh yea. 
     And this 12 year old website is one place where I can keep at it.
     Please stop by often!
     I hope you'll forgive me for being in casual clothes pretty much all the time now? 

     Speaking of's the message banner that single engine plane was carrying around the city this afternoon "Abortion is OK! TEXT Defend AL...."  
No telling who paid for it.


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