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May 14, 2019

Retired and STILL kinda working...

     Admittedly a bit on the gruff side....I went down to the Statehouse to try out some features I'm learning about my new post-retirement camera.

     As I told some former co-workers, I always loved the work I did, but not necessarily the schedule and other restrictions on that work! So it should not have been a shock that I would show up on the same day as protests were scheduled against the state's much publicized abortion bill.          
     Nonetheless. the protests were not happening til 6pm, so....I left. And that's the difference between a job (and a check) and an avocation (for free). Alabama News Net had a crew in and out of the the Statehouse, so watch for a complete report tonight at 10:00. CBS 8 or ABC 32.

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