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Jun 9, 2019

WHY do I so find James Cordon Obnoxious?

     He's hosting the Tony Awards tonight on CBS, and I have turned it off.

[UPDATE: lowest ratings in years. So maybe I AM onto something?]
The 73rd Tony Awards hit an all-time low in Sunday's ratings, falling below 6 million viewers for the first time. ABC's Sunday game shows also premiered to low numbers.
The CBS broadcast of the awards averaged 5.46 million viewers, down about 14 percent from the 2018 Tonys. The previous low for the awards was 6 million in 2012 and 2017. 
The show also reached a low in adults 18-49 with a 0.8 rating, down from 1.0 a year ago.   
                                                                                 Source: Hollywood Reporter
I hate his carpool karaoke shtick to no end. It makes me carsick.
     I find his humor humorless
     One of the many critics online says this:

"he's a professional dickhead who makes money pretending to be adorable".

     He'll make more money tonight from CBS than I have made in a decade (or more!), so he obviously does not need my applause.  
     But I just don't get it. 
     What does anybody get out of watching him??? 

(Update: The N.Y. Times not only likes him, but said Sunday night's broadcast prevented him from being his brilliant self...

(He)..."was saddled throughout the night with bad ideas based on the notion of the Tonys’ inadequacy compared to television, or to streaming video, or to hip-hop music."


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