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Jul 10, 2019

Love Island

The American version of the British "reality" TV show Love Island premiered on CBS this week and it has already been attacked by an editorial in The New York Times

6 of the American volunteers.

Here's the editorial headline:

‘Love Island’ Is a Riveting Human Rights Violation

No one remembers the cameras are there.
Ms. Jeong is a member of the editorial board.

But the words "Human Rights" never appear in the editorial, and I was looking to see how a voluntary adults-only entertainment show can be a violation of any rights, human or otherwise.  Or "riveting" either, though there is a certain addictiveness to it, if you get past the opening episode...

The L.A. Times describes it as “Big Brother” meets “Bachelor in Paradise.”

You can watch the young cast flirt and un-flirt five nights a week on CBS 8 in Montgomery.

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