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Jul 9, 2019

Media: A Dumb Radio Blog Name

Even the people at NPR questioned the name of a new NPR blog.

Goats and Soda

A South African radio reporter came up with the name:
"In rural southern Malawi, I came across a roadside snack shop in the middle of nowhere. The woman running the shop somehow had a refrigerator full of cold sodas. It struck me that a rather amazing sequence of events had led to that cold Coke in my hand."

We liked the name. It's lively. It's down to earth. And it's definitely original. A google search for "Goats and Soda" yielded zero results."

Let's hope for their sake that they get better audience results.
Read the network's discussion of the name choice and how it came about HERE.

     Like all media, NPR has been going through growing pains adjusting to the digital world. They've eliminated some longstanding programs (Car Talk) and refocused others ("Prarie Home Companion" became "Live from Here" with Chris Thile in 2017). The old host--Garrison Keillor--was fired after complaints about inappropriate behavior with an employee. He retained ownership of the show.
NPR's "Morning Edition" theme music changed a few weeks ago. 
NPR and all radio broadcasting companies are facing a decline in listeners and in listening. There are many reasons why, including 28% who cite the availability of satellite "radio" (aka pay radio). I had it---free with a new car--- but did not extend it because if I want to listen to dumb DJ's talking, I can listen to the local ones for free. Why can't their satellite music stations just, you know, play music?

So now I'm back to the radio. And the CD player (on their way out too) and the flash drive filled with more music than I could possible listen to. And Alexa too.

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