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Oct 9, 2019

Good Morning Mayor Reed!

Montgomery voters elected Probate Judge Steven Reed Mayor on Tuesday.....the first African-American Mayor in the Capital City.

That's even more significant, since all of the other large cities in the state passed that political and social landmark long ago.

Best wishes to the new mayor!!! 

UPDATE: The Mayor-Elect will be on-air tonight in the 6:00 News on CBS 8 and ABC 32. The national media has been reporting the election. Here's what the N.Y. Times wrote at the end of their story this morning:

"Montgomery has been notably slow to atone for its hateful past.
It took until 2013 for its police chief to apologize for the failure of officers to defend the Freedom Riders, civil rights activists who were attacked in 1961 by a white mob. Last year brought the opening of a museum dedicated to the legacy of slavery and a memorial honoring thousands of black lynching victims."

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