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Oct 9, 2019

Somebody Call The Language Cops!

I've posted before about the use of "Democrat Party" (a longstanding GOP effort to remove the adjective from the party's name....God forbid the party be described as being Democratic!)...but there's a new Trump inspired version, one that accomplishes the same thing. This FOX headline today is an example:

Gingrich on House Dems' impeachment push: Trump 'absolutely justified' in refusing to cooperate

 ...and I was on a panel discussion when another news guy referred to "The Dems", and he seemed surprised when I called him on it.

It is not "Dems"...or "Dem". It is The Democratic Party.


Here's a primer for the language challenged:

          It is The Democratic Party.

          He or she is a Democratic candidate.

          It is the Democratic nominee.

on the other hand:

          He or she is a Democrat.

(Addendum: A year or so ago the non-partisan Secretary of State's office index of County sample ballots referred to "Democrat Ballot" and "Republican Ballot". Mr. Merrill corrected the error after I pointed it out.)

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Jay Croft said...

Non-partisan? Is there such a thing in Alabama, or anywhere in the South?