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Jul 29, 2021

Car Cities USA...and Those That are NOT (Spoiler: Alabama.)

I-85 Traffic in Montgomery, Alabama


     The worst 150 U.S. cities in which to live if you do not own a car? The list includes all four of Alabama's larger cities:

Montgomery 149 (next to last in the U.S.!)

Huntsville 147

Mobile 145

Birmingham 143


All four of Alabama's cities are on the list of cities that are NOT good places to live if you do not have a car, according to a N.Y. Times story based on a LawnStarter ranking.


"Shreveport, La., came in last, with the lowest safety score in the bunch. Like many southern cities, it also suffered in the rankings because of a humid climate inhospitable to walking or biking, and poor commuting systems. 
San Francisco, despite ranking 81st among the 150 cities for safety, came out on top, largely because of its mild climate and high commuting scores (and despite its challenging hills). In fact, West Coast cities took four of the top 10 spots, their mild climates helping move the needle."

The FULL N.Y. Times story is HERE.

The lawnstarter ranking is HERE.

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