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Jul 23, 2021

Thank You Montgomery Sanitation!

      This has been a busy period for utilities on my street. The Alabama Power company is replacing some old wood poles.


      The Spire Gas Company is replacing the lines that run from the main in the middle of the street to each house. That's their equipment in the background of the photo

     And the Water Works has been digging deep holes in the street like this one...


     On top of that...I'm expecting a large item delivery today. Whew.

Glad to report the sanitation department truck backed into the block to make the collection (I had called to give them a heads up, but great job guys!)...and the delivery guy from Harrell's was great too....yea, just one of them...but he hauled the clothes dryer around like it was nothing.

So the situation has quieted a bit! And as I wrote that a loud thunder clap!

Happy Friday!

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