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Sep 23, 2021

Battle Lines Drawn Over Changing name of Jeff Davis Avenue. Montgomery vs Gov. Ivey and AG Marshall



Alabama News Network reports:  

The Montgomery Planning Commission has voted unanimously to change the name of Jeff Davis Ave. to Fred D. Gray Avenue.

That would be an apparent violation of The Kay Ivey Confederate Monument Protection law, which specifically bans re-naming streets or buildings. The state can approve changes, but the Attorney General has been upholding the law and imposing fines of $25,000 on cities that violate it, including Birmingham.

The city sent letters to 93 property owners on Jeff Davis Ave. 

Only thirteen of them sent back letters opposing the name change."

The Governor defended the bill she signed into law:

“We can’t change or erase our history, but here in Alabama, we know something Washington doesn’t — to get where we’re going means understanding where we’ve been,” 

The city council will have the final word.

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