Nov 21, 2022

Days before Thanksgiving: A Death Penalty Pause.


The chair is still an option.

"Gov. Kay Ivey is ordering a top-to-bottom review of the state’s execution protocol after three failed lethal injections.

Ivey is asking Attorney General Steve Marshall to withdraw the state’s requests to set execution dates for Alan Eugene Miller and James Edward Barber. Those are the only two death row inmates with motions pending before the Alabama Supreme Court."

(Alabama still executes prisoners by a three-times failed lethal injection, but the prisoners also have the option of selecting the old electric chair instead. No prisoner has done so since that option was made available.)


"Working with Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner John Hamm, Ivey wants to ensure the state can successfully deliver lethal injections in death penalty cases.

“For the sake of the victims and their families, we’ve got to get this right. I don’t buy for a second the narrative being pushed by activists that these issues are the fault of the folks at Corrections or anyone in law enforcement, for that matter. I believe that legal tactics and criminals hijacking the system are at play here."

 (full story HERE at Alabama News Network.)

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