Sep 9, 2023

Confederate "streamers" on Alabama National Guard display


National Guard Units in 7 States (INCLUDING ALABAMA) Have Held onto Confederate Streamers Despite a Deadline to Turn Them In

Confederate Flag (since removed)
The Army had collected 384 of 491 streamers as of the Sept. 1 deadline, according to a spokesperson with the Army's Human Resources Command. That was part of an effort mandated by Congress to strip tributes to the Confederacy from military property, including the names of major bases. States that sent all streamers were Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas. But units in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina and West Virginia have yet to surrender them.

Full Story is HERE

Here is a list of Alabama units told to turn in their streamers:

Alabama Army National Guard: 44 streamers from 4 units.

  1. HHD, 31st Chemical Brigade (Tuscaloosa, AL): 10.
  2. HHD, 161st Medical Battalion (Mobile, AL): 11.
  3. 167th Infantry Regiment (Talladega, AL): 13.
  4. 711th Support Battalion (Mobile, AL): 10

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