Nov 18, 2023

What People Think About Alabama (OUCH!)

 From a Buzzfeed posting:

"I started a little experiment to find out what non-Americans associate with each of our 50 United States. I asked the BuzzFeed Community to give me a word, a phrase, or a quick thought on as many US states as they could. We all walk around with assumptions built from a combination of news, pop culture, and assorted gossip — I thought this exercise would give an interesting window into how the rest of the world perceives our huge, diverse, wild, weird country."

Here's what they had to say:


Outline of Alabama

Alabama definitely has a...rough perception overseas. I thought this response had some interesting context:

"I think of inbreeding (horrible TV stereotype) and Sweet Home Alabama and Birmingham where we learned at school (UK) about the riots and atrocities that were done to African Americans in the '60s especially. Racism and segregation." —Crizzy444

 (See the full Buzfeed posting---all of the states--- HERE.)

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