Feb 3, 2024

About The Importance of Student Diversity

     I have always supported student-body diversity, and continue to do so in the case of the wildly-celebrated Montgomery school named Valiant Cross Academy. It is an all boys, virtually 100% African-American school, that will be expanding soon, and which recently won a $1-Million dollar Yass prize.

 From the National Coalition on School Diversity website:

"One of the most important benefits for white stu-
dents attending diverse K-12 educational settings is
that such experiences tend to have perpetuating
effects later in life.34 In other words, white gradu-
ates of diverse schools often seek out diverse
colleges, work environments and neighborhoods.35
This cycle can also span generations, since living in
a diverse neighborhood often means that the chil-
dren of these white graduates will attend a diverse
school setting.36
White graduates of integrated schools are more
likely to report an increased sense of civic engage-
ment.37 This is in part related to the fact that
students attending diverse schools feel they have

more opportunities to learn about civic and politi-
cal issues, in addition to thinking that their teachers
used techniques that promoted citizenship.38 White
students who attend well-designed diverse high
schools are also more likely to have a concrete
understanding of racial and social injustices, which
in turn can help contribute to constructive civic

If that is true....that diversity has significant life-long impacts...isn't that also true for black students?

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