Mar 30, 2024

The Death of Neckties (AGAIN!!)


Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden and Mr. Clinton, in blue suits and open-neck white shirts, standing together onstage and smiling. Mr. Biden points to an unseen guest. 

The N.Y. Times reports a gathering of three former U.S. Presidents featured ZERO ties!

"...were we yet again being reminded of the inexorable march from casual Friday to casual everyday, and to a world in which chief executives dress like field hands and the only people who can be relied on to sport a suit and tie outside a courtroom are bodyguards and limo chauffeurs?

Pity the poor tie. Pundits are forever writing its obit.


A small part of my tie collection!

Over the years I have written about neckties multiple times, suggesting they were/are FINALLY on their way out! HERE is one of those postings from 2008!



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