Mar 28, 2024

About My Vietnam Posting

 I served half of my Nam year working in print and photography...writing about the work of the U.S. Army's 5th Division in far north South Quang Tri

The second half of my tour was on TV, anchoring an evening newscast on The Armed Forces Vietnam Network. The station from which I originated the program had previously been located in Hue. And it was there that it became the only Armed Forces TV station overtaken by enemy forces. You can read an excellent narration of that event HERE.


The electronic guts of the TV station were in a trailer that could be hooked up to a truck an relocated.

It was moved from Hue to Quang Tri for a more-or less permanent home after the attack.

That's where I anchored the news from.

It was likely one of the few air conditioned building anywhere near the DMZ. (Though our sleeping quarters were decidedly NOT air conditioned!)

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