May 7, 2024

Alabama Unions


 Bloomberg Reporting:

(Bloomberg) -- The US government raised concerns with Germany about alleged union-busting in Alabama by Mercedes-Benz Group AG, an unusual move that escalates scrutiny on the automaker’s handling of a high-stakes unionization campaign that heads to a vote next week.

Officials recently spoke about allegations by the United Auto Workers against Mercedes that include firing union activists and holding a mandatory meeting at which an executive discouraged unionization, according to a US government official familiar with the discussion. The conversation included commitments that the governments will work together to promote unions and employee rights, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe sensitive communications.

Mercedes, based in Stuttgart, Germany, denied wrongdoing, saying in an statement that the company doesn’t believe the UAW claims have merit and hasn’t interfered or retaliated against employees seeking unionization. The German embassy declined to comment. 

About 5,200 workers at Mercedes facilities in Vance and Woodstock, Alabama, are slated to vote on joining the UAW on May 13 through 17, a pivotal test of the union’s reinvigorated strength.

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